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The team at FLiCK is passionate about and dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals. 


Antoine’s love of numbers and experience in accounting led him to found FLiCK in October 2020. His vision is to provide financial education to disadvantaged communities, ending the cycle of poverty and income inequality.


Owning her own chiropractic practice and consulting business allows Hilary flexibility to volunteer for FLiCK. Being a business owner, she sees the need for financial education in the community. 


Katie has a passion for helping disadvantaged communities and minorities make real financial progress. With almost 5 years experience in banking as well as being an entrepreneur, she know the importance of having a holistic conversation and financial education in our underserved communities!


With over 20 years experience in the non-profit sector, Stacy's passion is helping organizations hit their financial goals through  resource development and donor relations. As a business owner, she recognizes the importance of financial literacy for every person.


Ashlie's love of serving in the local community and several years of administrative experience make a perfect fit for FLiCK.  She's also a Social Media Manager and Cheer Coach and is excited to share this amazing resource.

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